Flap valve-valve to prevent the Court

Flap valve-valve to prevent the Court

Flap valve?

 Valve is the name of the English General, valve Flap valve is the valve (or valves prevent dynasties), valves have the link hinges allow opening as the mechanism window. Has the use of collapsible pipelines with the solvent is water, steam and gas … There are also a number of other valves such as adjusting valve: valve adjust, air-operated valve: pneumatic valves, alarm valve: the valve angle valve, alarm: angle valve, automatic valve: automatic valves, back valve: the valve backwards.

Flap valve are many applications in the field of water supply and drainage and anti-flooding, regulate the waste water source.


Flap valve are usually made of spring is broken or the lid placed links on the pipes, the pipes. The design of flap valve allows adjustment of flow, the speed of water stream flowing out from inside the tube through the opening mechanism, the width of the gate valves. Can control the automatic mechanism based on water pressure or through the remote control system.

When there is no water to escape or have the impact from external pressure it automatic valve lid closed, in its tie to have children, often with heavy objects control the valve closed, preventing effective not for runoff back in the tube. The lid flap valve also has the effect of preventing the unwanted intrusions into the drainage pipe.

Operated flap valve

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