Tan Son Nhat airport is flooded due to the … water not draining in time

Due to the rainfall is too large, the water doesn’t escape up causing the Tan Son Nhat airport, HO CHI MINH CITY flooded badly.

San Tan Son Nhat ngap due ... Nuoc khong exits kip-Uk 1

Tan Son Nhat airport flooded following heavy rains. Photo: School Management

It is information from international air Port leader Tan son Nhut, when explains causes of flooding at Tan Son Nhat airport the evening of March 8 after heavy rain.

Specifically, Mr. Pham Vu, Deputy Director General of the international air Port Tan son Nhut for or apron area, flooded by local rainfall is too big, the water draining not up. A41 Road exit channel online Phan Rehearsal Ends many years of being stupid, airports have petitions HCM conducted dredging off the information flow, but not yet implemented.

After the rain the evening of March 8, some position from number 10 parking apron to 14, 51, 56 water not draining in time should the local flooding.

He confirmed the Intense, if not dredged the Canal flow through the A41, scaling out then when downpour occurred, some locations apron can also be flooded again.

The issue on making nearly 70 flights to the affected Tan Son Nhat. In it, there are 2 trips canceled, 14 flights had to land on the nearby airport as Lien Khuong, Cam Ranh.

Immediately the day after the crash, the Centre against flooded HO CHI MINH CITY has to picked garbage to off through the flow.

This is not the first time the Tan Son Nhat airport after heavy rain flooded. Before a battle severe flooding occurred on October 9, 2015, the airport flooded 20 cm menace, power stations are likely to lead to explosions, to close the airport.

Source: baomoi.com

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