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Malleable cast iron pipe in Malaysia - Van ngăn triều - Hiệp Thành Phú
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Tháng Sáu 9, 2017
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Malleable cast iron pipe in Malaysia

Malaysia imported malleable cast iron pipe

 Malleable cast iron pipe specifications Malaysia imports

-Applications: used in plumbing systems, waste water pipes, technology, petroleum, metallurgy, chemicals, …

Standard production:

  •  ISO 2531:2009 (10177:2013 ISO), ISO 4179:2005 (ISO 10178:2013), Dr EN545, Dr EN598, …
  •  production by technology of centrifugal casting.

Standard pipe coating:

  •  inside its cement ISO 4179;
  •  the outside coating zinc mixture against rust, corrosion resistance according to ISO 8179-2004;
  •  bituminous paint coating outer layers according to BS 3461;
  •  Joint rubber (EPDM) sealing according to standard ISO 4633-2002. Diameter: DN 80-DN 800.

Origin: Engtex-Malaysia …



  • advantages: durable, pliable, not requiring Assembly bracket and large flow cross-section than the other Liao. In particular, in the difficult terrain, pipe and tube fittings, of cast iron has the advantage over the other products of the same design.
  • standard: ISO 4179, ISO 8179, ISO 2531-K9, 1378, ISO …


The featured cast iron pipe flexible characteristics of Malaysia

 Bee-gang-salted conger

Malleable cast iron pipe Malaysia: Superior Strength and Durability

Malleable cast iron pipe known for unsurpassed strength and durability. Durability and softness of the product delivers high safety when bearing the impact both outside and inside. Furthermore, ply lined centrifugal mortar, epoxy resin and enamel layer of varnish help increase durability.


Malleable cast iron pipe Malaysia: Diverse Coupling and thickness

We offer many products fitting with different thicknesses to meet the needs and specific conditions. Thanks to the variety of designs and pipe joints, including unique products such as coupling have hinges and joints against earthquakes, Kubota was able to design suitable pipe structure and cost savings.

Malleable cast iron pipe Malaysia: easy maintenance

The products of our plastic-iron pipes at least encountered problems related to the distance of the pipe parts buried deep as well as due to the impact of the earthquake. Pipe products are very easy to maintain and even when experiencing the repair also takes very little time.

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