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PM 26/9, big rain right now cause the range roads tan in Saigon jammed hard. Chaotic traffic under heavy rain.
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(Dân trí)-catering to the production of electricity and provide water for irrigation, the many hydroelectric dams large capacity vy heroes have been built in many countries of the world. Three Gorges Dam, China    Three Gorges Dam North of the Yangtze River in horizontal Hubei Province of China, is the world’s largest power plants of...
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Urban flooding response: Netherlands-master against flooding Can say no other country in the world has the prevention of flooding and more effective than the Netherlands. This country even established the water Board has independent role than the local authorities, professional treatment. Thousand of years of treatment cards The flood threatened area of the Netherlands is...
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Jakarta of Indonesia, located on the lowlands and sunk, 40% of the city’s area is currently lower than sea level. In addition, the drainage system has from colonial times was too old. This makes things very prone to floods in Jakarta. The Jakarta authorities are placing hope on project worth 40 billion dollars, “the great...
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Not only in SAIGON or Hanoi could “River cities” every time there is heavy rain. Flooding is always a problem of most of the world’s largest municipality. So, the countries deal with this problem? Malaysia is a dynamic economy of Asia, is the “Tiger” of ASEAN. However, their capital is Kuala Lumpur-“fork in the river...
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Built with the initial purpose to combat the rising sea, the system certainly water Thames Barrier is today more function to regulate the water flow of the River Thames every time rain to London from being flooded. Design and build London is an area prone to flooding. A storm created by low pressure in the...
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Due to the rainfall is too large, the water doesn’t escape up causing the Tan Son Nhat airport, HO CHI MINH CITY flooded badly. Tan Son Nhat airport flooded following heavy rains. Photo: School Management It is information from international air Port leader Tan son Nhut, when explains causes of flooding at Tan Son Nhat...
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HO CHI MINH CITY Department of planning and investment has just planned investment projects against flooding the 2016-2020 period CITY with investment of nearly 95,000 billion. Current status flooding in the city yet significant upheaval. Photo: VGP In particular, the new city layout is near 23,000 billion for projects are implemented. Specifically, the project has...
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According to the results of the study, 69% of businesses do not make emissions reduction process as if it is not required, 57.5% for that not investing because of the high cost November 30-3 in Hanoi, the Research Institute and the central economic management (CIEM) held a workshop on research results “diminish the environmental impact...
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We only have 2/16 clusters on the Ho Chi Minh City. HCM operations have waste water treatment system.  The Department of natural resources and environment of HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM said, of the 16 industrial cluster in the city had manufacturing industries, only 2 had industrial infrastructure business unit and the waste water treatment...
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