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Operating principle of metal plasma cutting machine cnc

Operating principle of metal plasma cutting machine cnc


  • Control the number of programs defined: "a system is controlled by the data is put into the machine and the system must automatically follow data enter '. '
  • The controls under the program is a form of automated controls that the control signal changes according to predefined rules. Or is the on air control order program, the value of the movement as well as the order closing the open parts of the machine, close the opening of the cooling system, lubrication, replacement of knives, clamp the workpiece. v v … are done properly according to the primeval marking program
  • The structures carrying this program are placed on the control device and the machine will work automatically on certain program primeval
  • Cutting machine controlled by a program of abbreviated NC (Numerical Control) is automatic control some or all of the works in which the control action is given on the basis of the data provided in the form of Chief
  • Constituent commands work program, this program is written to a bearing structure in the form of program code.
  • The structure carrying the program might be punching tape, tape or main memory tínCác generation after, in the control system of NC machine has been installed the cluster of computers, the processor and the control at this largely or entirely is software. The NC machine is called CNC (Computer Numerical Control)
  • Plasma cutter CNC programs are more meticulous and workshop soan can outsource those details are very complex shapes on your development machine, lathe, milling machine, grinding machine …
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-The machine has automatic features:

  • CNC cutting high yield and giẩm are extra time due to maximum level automatically upgrade to ca
  • CNC machines can perform at a lot of different moves, can automatically calibrate the error of cutting, automatically check the size details and automatically corrects the skewed relative position between the cutters and the genus atten

-Highly flexible features:

  • Program on CNC machines can be changed easily and quickly adapt to the different type, so the extra time was shortened and production preparation time, facilitating automation of mass production.
  • Can the rapid machining of details already have the program at any time, so there's no need to produce reserve details that need only store the details of that program.
  • CNC machine tools are the small details and fit, react in a flexible way as technology changes, the programmed machining is done outside of the air in the Office through the programming engineer

-Focus the resources features: most of the CNC machine can perform many different public resource without changing the position of the fixing details. From the ability to focus resources to this work the CNC will develop into a Center for outsourcing

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-Exact features, ensuring high quality:

  • On the CNC lowering is damaged due to human error, at the same time reduce the magnitude of human attention when working.
  • Capable of precision series details. Repeat accuracy that is characteristic for the degree of stability during machining, quality assurance is absolute points of the SUN
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-Economic efficiency and features highly technical:

  • Reduce the price of products
  • Reduce indirect machining such as reducing the time stored products, reduce the time to check out
  • Allow marginal machining of complex shapes in high technology features. Improve the product design and control.
  • Does not require skilled labor, high
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CNC machine selection today has become a necessary requirements have decided for the industrial and vocational training establishments, many studies predicted about the ability to grow, profit and productivity have convinced about the increasingly industrial progress to the universal digital control technique for metal cutting machines.

The CNC machines have now been in common use include other types, such as: CNC lathe, CNC milling Machines, CNC boring Machines, CNC grinding machine, CNC Plasma cutting machine, …


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