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Cast iron pipe flexible quote and drainage fittings Cast iron malleable cast iron type is white is brewed in a long time (several days) at temperatures from 850-1050 ⁰ C to form a kind of cast iron to have high ductility. This is a high-strength materials again inherit the inherent good properties of iron, possibly...
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Operating principle of metal plasma cutting machine cnc THE CONCEPT OF METAL-CUTTING MACHINE CNC PLASMA Control the number of programs defined: "a system is controlled by the data is put into the machine and the system must automatically follow data enter '. ' The controls under the program is a form of automated controls that...
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 Penstock  penstock, or flat gate valve, valve … are usually made of stainless steel combines Super durable polymer plastic HDPE or completely made of steel. Operating under the resources off the slide up and down, close the open a manhole top or plumbing. Rotation axis is controlled by or associated with moto drivers open close...
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Flap valve-valve to prevent the Court Flap valve?  Valve is the name of the English General, valve Flap valve is the valve (or valves prevent dynasties), valves have the link hinges allow opening as the mechanism window. Has the use of collapsible pipelines with the solvent is water, steam and gas … There are also...
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Flap valves tide against flooding Why say Flap valve flooding-resistant? First we need to understand the flooding is due to two main factors: the rain and flood tide rises. When heavy rain phenomenon occurs, a large volume of water need to be bailed out of canals Lake River as fast as possible to avoid flooding, stagnant. To...
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Distinguish Flap valve and penstock Penstock to fade? Sliding gate valve valve type fade, have many different sizes fit the requirement of use in regulating water supply and drainage systems and water treatment. Van door fade usually have rectangular window with elastic dệm in three sides of the sliding doors. The main parts are made of...
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Compare Flap valve HDPE and the steel valves Stop valves stop valve HDPE and dynasty metal dynasty have the effect in stopping the tide entering in waste water pipes or drainage works. Operating under a one-way opening mechanism allows the water from the inside of the pipe and prevents water tide penetrate in the opposite direction....
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Flap valve-limited solutions due to the flooding tide Flap valve?  Valve is the valve’s English name in General, valve Flap is hinged valves (also called Flip, tide gate valve stop valves), valves have the hinges allow the link as the mechanism window. Has the use of collapsible pipelines with the solvent is water, steam and...
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Principle of operation the flap valve Flap valve? flap valve is a simple link flap valve output water supply pipes, fluid. It allows the flow of water to flow in one direction and prevent infiltration flow in the opposite direction. The valve is usually made of spring is broken or the lid placed links on the pipes,...
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Flap valve HDPE-anti theft solutions flap valve Present status of stolen are littering problem of the public water supply and sewerage works. the North Basin before the ship stolen pots and some stop valves, causing floods in the status area, the cost of replacement of costly hundreds million. A drainage Company Ltd. Paeonia lactiflora municipality,...
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