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Flap valve HDPE-anti theft solutions flap valve - Van ngăn triều - Hiệp Thành Phú

Flap valve HDPE-anti theft solutions flap valve

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Tháng Tám 9, 2016
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Tháng Tám 10, 2016
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Flap valve HDPE-anti theft solutions flap valve


Flap valve HDPE-anti theft solutions flap valve

Present status of stolen are littering problem of the public water supply and sewerage works. the North Basin before the ship stolen pots and some stop valves, causing floods in the status area, the cost of replacement of costly hundreds million. A drainage Company Ltd. Paeonia lactiflora municipality, HO CHI MINH CITY, said the price of a van stop North Korea had more than 600 diameter 10 dynasties, but the theft was only selling a few hundred thousand, leaving huge consequences. Both a residential area at risk of severe flooding when the tide rises high.


Before the situation on the sewer Company Ltd., the municipality of HO CHI MINH CITY had the text thanks to the local government support but not high performance. In addition to the lost items, companies are forced to extract maintenance budget works out new purchases to ensure the quality of works. In order to limit regulated bad guys stole the van company, pane ngthiệm replaced the valve prevents the Court were attempted by composite material but the Court did not prevent the effect.


Handicap France the stolen van stop North Korea

Standing in front of that condition, van door flip by HDPE material is referred to as a leading solution against identity theft, reduce the costs of construction and maintenance. Because by this material cannot be recycled should deter the theft of objects.

Besides that because is made from HDPE raw material synthesis of recommended products are lightweight, easy to transport, install and maintenance replacement. Save labor costs, construction time.

Resistant to rust, corrosion and chemicals are in the water. flip flap valve HDPE environmental-friendly, non-toxic. Consistent with the criteria of State green building.



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