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Cast iron pipe flexible quote and drainage fittings

Cast iron pipe flexible quote and drainage fittings

Cast iron malleable cast iron type is white is brewed in a long time (several days) at temperatures from 850-1050 ⁰ C to form a kind of cast iron to have high ductility. This is a high-strength materials again inherit the inherent good properties of iron, possibly even replace steel in many applications that other gang types not likely.

Bee-gang-salted conger

Malleable cast iron pipe with characteristic: low melting point, the flow of good, good casting, osteoporosis, easy machining, are resistant to abrasion, so very low, so the machining of cast iron is used in a lot of detail, different areas.

Symbol: flexible iron pipes are denoted by 2-digit group number 2 and GZ limited minimum tensile strength measured in KG/m2 and a relatively long flexible computer by%.

Characteristics: flexible iron pipes commonly used the details at the same time requires the three following requirements:

  • -Complex shape,
  • -Subject to impact,
  • -Thin cross-section.

Application: flexible iron pipes used in plumbing systems, water pipelines, metallurgical technology, oil and gas, chemicals, …


Malleable cast iron pipe manufacturing standards:
· ISO 2531:2009 (10177:2013 ISO), ISO 4179:2005 (ISO 10178:2013), Dr EN545, Dr EN598, …

· Produced by technology of centrifugal casting.
Malleable cast iron pipe coatings standard:
· Inside its cement ISO 4179;

· Outside the mixed coating zinc coated against rust, corrosion-resistant according to standard ISO 8179-2004;
· Bituminous paint coating outer layers according to BS 3461;
· Joint rubber (EPDM) sealing according to standard ISO 4633-2002.
Cast iron pipe diameter: DN 80-DN 2600.

Origin: Engtex-Malaysia


· Advantages of drainage fittings: durable, pliable, not requiring Assembly bracket and large flow cross-section than the other Liao. In particular, in the difficult terrain, pipe and tube fittings, of cast iron has the advantage over the other products of the same design.
· Drainage fittings standards: IS
O 4179, ISO 8179, ISO 2531-K9, 1378, ISO …

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