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Compare Flap valve HDPE and the steel valves

Compare Flap valve HDPE and the steel valves

Stop valves stop valve HDPE and dynasty metal dynasty have the effect in stopping the tide entering in waste water pipes or drainage works. Operating under a one-way opening mechanism allows the water from the inside of the pipe and prevents water tide penetrate in the opposite direction. Besides van stop North Korea also prevents strange creatures, creatures from entering inside the tube. From there make sure Active drainage system throughout, quick drainage, not clogged. Attenuated status restricted area.


However the use of steel valves were expensive cost of procurement, installation and maintenance because of the ongoing activities in the water environment should structural steel valve materials are corrosion and chemicals in the water, corrosion, not usually have great weight, difficulty of transport and installation. In addition because the recyclable material should steel valves usually theft, loss prevention, protection of offsets, leading to flooding the area because the exit pipe being clogged due to the tides, spam invades this clogging the tube exit Main/vi so the use and installation of the steel valve is not the solution.


The application of HDPE valve … become a new anti theft solutions stop valves, reduce intrusive powers triểu status, clogging the tube.

The table compares the Flap valve HDPE and steel valve valve

The criteria Flap valve HDPE Steel valves
Costs Low cost High costs
Shipping Lightweight, easy to transport. Heavy weight, transport difficulties, must have specialized vehicles
Installation Easy installation easy, not too many construction workers. Installation difficulty, need a lot of construction workers.
Maintenance Easy maintenance and replacement. Not recyclable should limit stolen. Easily stolen, maintenance difficult.
Material Properties Produced from HDPE has high elasticity, plasticity. When the production of the finished products, smooth surface smooth and shiny, resistant to heat, corrosion and chemicals, works well in a water environment.  Because is made from metal, the impact force resistant physical endurance. However susceptible to corrosion and chemicals are in the environment of water should not be coated with rust-resistant layer.
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