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Principle of operation the flap valve

Principle of operation the flap valve

Flap valve?

flap valve is a simple link flap valve output water supply pipes, fluid. It allows the flow of water to flow in one direction and prevent infiltration flow in the opposite direction.

The valve is usually made of spring is broken or the lid placed links on the pipes, the pipes. The design of the valve prevents the Court allows adjustment of flow, the speed of water stream flowing out from inside the tube through the opening mechanism, the width of the gate valves. Can control the automatic mechanism based on water pressure or through the remote control system.

When there is no water to escape or have the impact from external pressure it automatic valve lid closed, in its tie to have children, often with heavy objects control the valve closed, preventing effective not for runoff back in the tube. Van lid also works to prevent the unwanted intrusions into the drainage pipe.

Operate the flap valve

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