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water supply and drainage
Open discussion: heavy flooding back from Saigon, where is the solution against flooded Ho Chi Minh City Every time the rainy season about Saigon is being inundated, yesterday 26/2016 after the rainy areas in the inner suburbs of the city flooded, disrupting traffic and to the living of the people. Cause serious damage in terms...
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Flap valves tide against flooding Why say Flap valve flooding-resistant? First we need to understand the flooding is due to two main factors: the rain and flood tide rises. When heavy rain phenomenon occurs, a large volume of water need to be bailed out of canals Lake River as fast as possible to avoid flooding, stagnant. To...
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(Dân trí)-catering to the production of electricity and provide water for irrigation, the many hydroelectric dams large capacity vy heroes have been built in many countries of the world. Three Gorges Dam, China    Three Gorges Dam North of the Yangtze River in horizontal Hubei Province of China, is the world’s largest power plants of...
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Urban flooding response: Netherlands-master against flooding Can say no other country in the world has the prevention of flooding and more effective than the Netherlands. This country even established the water Board has independent role than the local authorities, professional treatment. Thousand of years of treatment cards The flood threatened area of the Netherlands is...
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Not only in SAIGON or Hanoi could “River cities” every time there is heavy rain. Flooding is always a problem of most of the world’s largest municipality. So, the countries deal with this problem? Malaysia is a dynamic economy of Asia, is the “Tiger” of ASEAN. However, their capital is Kuala Lumpur-“fork in the river...
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Built with the initial purpose to combat the rising sea, the system certainly water Thames Barrier is today more function to regulate the water flow of the River Thames every time rain to London from being flooded. Design and build London is an area prone to flooding. A storm created by low pressure in the...
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Leader of the Tan Son Nhat International Air Port For said cause local flooding and some dark 26 aircraft parking/8 due to the drainage channels of the airport road end-less Browsing dredging of Phan Thiet. Center for hydro-meteorological forecasting southern areas said major rains, PM 26/8 measure at Tan Son Nhat airport area reaches 179.6...
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Due to the rainfall is too large, the water doesn’t escape up causing the Tan Son Nhat airport, HO CHI MINH CITY flooded badly. Tan Son Nhat airport flooded following heavy rains. Photo: School Management It is information from international air Port leader Tan son Nhut, when explains causes of flooding at Tan Son Nhat...
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To noon, 27-8, many areas in HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM is still flooded after the rain the previous evening, in which a number of basement water left stagnant inside. People use plywood, water flows into the House in Nguyen Ugly (Binh Thanh district) up to 26-8-Photo: Le Phan According to drainage Company Ltd. CITY...
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Flap valve-limited solutions due to the flooding tide Flap valve?  Valve is the valve’s English name in General, valve Flap is hinged valves (also called Flip, tide gate valve stop valves), valves have the hinges allow the link as the mechanism window. Has the use of collapsible pipelines with the solvent is water, steam and...
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