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Flap valve
Penstock type ROAS 1-ROAS 2 Penstock valve type, ROAS fade has more size, used in regulating the system of water supply and water treatment. Texture The frame is designed to have checked valves, control the speed up and down the gate, from which regulate the water flow through the door of the van. All gates are manually...
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Flap valve type RLK R-L 600-1500 Flap valves RLK dynasty R-L 600-1500 has many different sizes, large diameter in the range 600-1500, was distributing application of water resources in the water supply system, water management. operation Flap valves RLK dynasty R-L 600-1500 is made from HDPE raw material leak resistant, chemical resistant and oxidation. Light weight should be...
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Flap valve type RLK R-F Flap valve type RLK R-F varied in size, was applied in the sewer system, water supply and sewerage treatment … the irrigation. Operation Flap valve type RLK R-F is made from high quality HDPE materials, design based on actual needs with designs, simple structure, precise, lightweight for easy transport, installation, implementation and...
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Flap valve type RLK R-OH Application: Flap valve type RLK R-OH the many varied sizes, used in drainage systems and water treatment plants, irrigation, anti-flooding. Operation Flap valve type RLK R-OH Yes the sizes from 100-500, is designed based on the model of the application has high standard levels, actual suicide. Which environmental factors, climate hangouts are...
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Flap valve type RLK R-O  Application Flap valve type R-O variety more size and used on the flat wall surface, drainage and water treatment. Operation Flap valve type R-O RLK dynasty mainly consists of HDPE shield mounted hinge at one end to allow close open freely. Because a link where shield with the frame so it forms...
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