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Flap valve type RLK R-OH

Flap valve type RLK R-OH


Flap valve type RLK R-OH the many varied sizes, used in drainage systems and water treatment plants, irrigation, anti-flooding.


ngan van trieu-rlk-r-oh-03Flap valve type RLK R-OH Yes the sizes from 100-500, is designed based on the model of the application has high standard levels, actual suicide. Which environmental factors, climate hangouts are a top priority.

Flap valve type RLK R-OH meet various construction purposes in the coordination, water treatment, whether they are used in pumping wells, pumping or flowing.

All products are manufactured from advanced, specialized wiring system applied in high-quality HDPE material for durability of materials, resistant to abrasion, chemicals and rubber help increase longevity. So here is the solution for saving the country coordination Manager, Stern was the weak point of the degree of steel.

Texture Flap valve type RLK valve R-OH including HPDE shield link on a hard frame, allowing close open freely. Because a link where shield with the frame so it forms a portal, allowing the water to flow from inside the tube to flow out easily. When the water level rising tide, tide short valves RLK R-O pressure in closed pipe-frame nươớc. Do not let the water from the outside of the overflow in heart tube.

ngan van trieu-rlk-r-oh-01Because HDPE material has connected so it’s often linked, getting bolts into the frame. Soleplate design rectangular valve assembly into the application, the works have a flat surface, create the gate to regulate the water.

Flap valve type RLK dynasty R-OH produced many sizes, different from the diameter Φ100-Φ500 match required in your work. Please leave your information and contact our sales department, we will offer you the best solution for your work


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